Frequently Asked Questions

How will my contribution be used? The funds donated to this campaign will be used to cover the cost of the new seats and installation. Additional key areas needing attention have been identified such as the Lobby, new drapes, live streaming capabilities, and more. Additional donations made to the campaign will cover the cost of these identified key areas.

Why replace the seats? After 40 years the strain of students and eager theatre patrons has taken its toll on the chairs in the theatre. Nowadays when you are watching a show, or a presentation, any momentary discomfort will spur a wide chorus of squeaks and groans from the seat beneath you. We would like to fix this, and we need your help.

Can I pick my seat? You can pick the seat section (producer, director, performer) but the specific seat(s) will be assigned to ensure no single seat is left vacant.

How much can I have engraved on the seat plaque? The seat donor plates can have up to 2 lines with 16 characters on each line, includes special symbols and spaces. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm the written text submitted with your donation.

Is the same information written on the seat plaque and donor wall in the Malaspina Theatre Lobby? No. The donor wall in the Malaspina Theatre Lobby will only include your name or business name and not any additional line of text. You can include on the seat plaque additional information on the two lines as long as the characters fall within 16 characters per line. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm the written text submitted with your donation for the donor wall.

Will I be able to sit in my seat(s) at performances? The ENCORE: Help Renew VIU's Malaspina Theatre Campaign does not include a personal seat license and we cannot guarantee that the seat(s) which you have named will be available for ticketed performances. That said, you can always arrive early to try and reserve your seat for ticketed performances.

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If you have any questions, please contact Leon Potter, Chair and Instructor of VIU's Theatre Department at 250.740.6192, email or Kamala Haughton, Advancement & Alumni Relations Coordinator at 250.740.6215, email

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