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Faculty of Science and Technology

As a teaching institution, the Faculty of Science and Technology strives to provide students with hands-on learning experiences in the lab and in the field. Our award-winning focused research facilities allow students to work toward identifying and solving critical environmental issues that impact us all.

Student Research and Academic Support

Supporting student research at VIU means investing in a healthier future, both economically and environmentally. VIU is committed to providing a learning environment in which students can challenge themselves to finding solutions to issues that have global impacts, such as food security, resource maintenance and protection, and methods to help us adapt to climate change.

The New Health and Science Centre

VIU's new Health and Science Centre will provide students with relevant and responsive health and science programs in an innovative learning environment. The 6,855-square-metre facility will house most of VIU's health and chemistry programs in one facility. It will ensure that students will continue to receive top-notch education and training for today's in-demand health care jobs.

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Applied Environmental Research Laboratories

The primary purpose of the Applied Environmental Research Laboratories (AERL) at VIU are to use traditional and develop new technologies to test for contaminants and naturally occurring substances in air, water, and soil. This research is increasingly critical worldwide in order to develop ways we can adapt our lifestyles and industry in the face of our rapidly changing climates.