Forest Painting

Become an Instructor

VIU ElderCollege instructors do not need previous teaching experience, they just need to love their topic and be able to communicate it well to their students!

Complete the Course Proposal Form online:

Please note the following deadlines for submitting a Course Proposal:

For New Instructors:

March 1 for teaching in the Fall (Sep-Dec)
August 1 for teaching in the Spring (Jan-May)

For Returning Instructors:

Friday, April 1 for teaching in the Fall (Sep-Dec)
Friday, August 20 for teaching in the Spring (Jan-May)


  • Interested and interesting students

  • Lively classes, sometimes with over 1000 years of life experience

  • An enthusiastic and participatory environment

  • Flexible scheduling - from 1 day sessions to 16 weeks

  • No exams or assignments to grade

  • Invitations to special events

  • Complimentary VIU ElderCollege membership and a free VIU ElderCollege course for each course taught

  • Access to the VIU Library resources 

  • A small monetary stipend

  • Reimbursement for parking at the Nanaimo Campus during instructional hours

Step-by-step instructions on how to use ZOOM for ElderCollege Instructors

ZOOM User Guide