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Fall 2019

(September 21, 2019)
What Really Happened When Our Constitution Was Patriated
About the talk: In the early 1980 ‘s the Federal Government initiated a process to patriate our constitution. After a long and acrimonious process, involving even a Supreme Court of Canada Decision, the 1982 Act was born. In 2012 Brian wrote a book, based on his active participation in the patriation process, to amend the record of those events which he believes were garbled and misrepresented.    
Presenter: Honourable A. Brian Pechford P.C., LLD


Spring 2019

Vandals, Burglars, Thugs and Spies - The Politics And Economics of Cyber Crime
(May 11, 2019)
About the talk: They want to steal your identity, ransom your computer, manipulate your vote, hack your car’s computer, and crash your electrical grid. Every day we learn about new cyber attacks on individuals, corporations and governments. What shadowy figures are behind these attacks, and what motivates them? This talk will explore the economics and politics of the cyber underworld and what it all means for you.


Physical Literacy As A Cornerstone Of A Healthy Community 
(March 9, 2019)
About the talk: If there’s someone in this country who knows physical literacy, it’s Drew Mitchell. The Director of Physical Literacy for Sport for Life advocates tirelessly for it because of the positive impact it can have on our society. “Learning to move is as important as reading and writing skills, and the ability to work with numbers,” he says. Physical literacy refers to the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life. Mitchell puts it simply: “Physical literacy is the foundation for active and meaningful participation in society.”
Presenter: Drew Mitchell, Director of Physical Literacy, Sport for Life

SSS Physical Literacy - March 2019.pdf
SSS Physical Literacy - March 2019.pdf

Beginning With Genealogy
(February 23, 2019)
About the talk: What is genealogy and why would you want to do it?   Curiosity about your ancestors - who were they, what were they like, what experiences did they live through. History is part of the reason as family history and the history of the times your ancestors lived are intertwined. Solving mysteries is also a huge part of wanting to find your ancestry.  More importantly, researching your family leaves a legacy for your children and grandchildren to know and recognize the individuals over the centuries whose lives helped make us who we are today.
Presenter: Kathy Jones

Fall 2018

Medically Assisted Dying 101
(November 17, 2018)
About the talk: An overview of assisted dying legislation and eligibility in Canada
Presenter: Dr. Diane Wallis

Trump, Populism And Fake News
(September 22, 2018)
About the talk: This talk will consider the critical question of how the public receives information about political matters. It argues that digital media, in particular, social media, is a disruptive technology. No longer is the mass media – tv, newspapers, radio – dominated by top down, one to many political communications the only game in town. Rather, more players are becoming engaged in political communication and political journalism all with varying effects. Examining the relationship between social media, “fake news” and populism in the Trump 2016 campaign.
Presenter: Jay Smith, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Political Science, Athabasca


Spring 2018

We Will Help Each Other Be Great And Good
(March 24, 2018)
This talk  explored de-constructing colonization in each of our lives - making space for indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians to dream a way forward which respects and reflects the diversity, strength and hope embodied within indigenous traditions.
Presenter: Louise Mandell (Queen's Council) Lawyer, & Chancellor, Vancouver Island University
Earthquakes: Past, Present And Future
(April 7, 2018)
This talk covered the geological setting of earthquakes in this region, the history of past earthquakes, the potential for future damaging earthquakes, and the things we can do – collectively and individually - to prepare ourselves for earthquakes.
Presenter: Steven Earle, PhD
Pressing Problems Of 21st Century Technologies: Robots, VR And AI (Oh My!)
(April 21, 2018)
An overview of the social implications of three emerging areas of new technology: virtual reality, robots and artificial intelligence. No special knowledge of any of these technologies is required. Following an introduction to the technologies, the focus was on how they may have an impact in our society, both positively and negatively, and what we might do to prepare ourselves to take advantage of them and reduce possible harmful effects.
Presenter: Richard Smith, PhD

Fall 2017

Satudrday Speakers Fall 2017 Sustainable Development Goals logo
The opinions expressed in these presentations are the authors and do not necessarily represent VIU policy.
Global Population, Growth & Sustainable Development
William E. Rees, PhD, FRSC UBC/SCARP
(14 October 2017)
Global Climate Change & Sustainable Development
(October 21, 2017)
The Paris Agreement, Canada's Plan & Realizing Opportunity
(October 28, 2017)
*The opinions expressed in these presentations are the authors and do not necessarily represent VIU policy.

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