COVID-19 Health and Safety Planning

The safe return to face-to-face learning under the new hybrid model is a priority for VIU. To assist with planning the safe return, a new Health and Safety Framework has been developed to ensure that any face to face learning activities incorporate all public health orders, sector guidelines, and recommendations, as well as WorkSafeBC requirements. The VIU Health and Safety Framework has been designed with all of these in mind, however since new information is constantly being developed, the framework will be updated on an ongoing basis.

All academic programs that require face-to-face activities will go through a two-step process.

1. Development a rationale that will be approved by the Academic Continuity Committee (ACC), which provides details on why it needs to be offered in a face-to-face method. The rationale will outline how it will be altered from its original teaching methodology/format to be delivered successfully in a compressed time frame.

2. All courses that receive ACC approval will then be required follow and complete an 8-step health and safety framework to plan the details for safe course delivery to ensure it meets health and safety requirements for employee and student safety.

COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan Completion

  1. The Dean will submit Appendices C, D and E of the Framework, completed in conjunction with any safe work procedures, to Health and Safety (
  2. Health and Safety will review the submission to ensure there is adequate planning in place to meet compliance standards and will provide feedback if required
  3. The plan will be returned to the Dean/Director for final sign off
  4. Once signed, the Dean will provide the approved plan to H&S to be posted on the VIU website
  5. This plan will also be provided to the University Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee as an information item

A parallel framework is being developed to support our operational/student support systems. There will be a rationale and approval component by the Operational Continuity Committee (OCC) as well as the development of a health and safety plan for each area.

Information about both committees is available below. If you have any questions about your department, please contact your Manager directly who is linked directly into this planning process.

ACC Terms of Reference

OCC Terms of Reference

1.  COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan

Proof of completing COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan training is required for everyone at VIU. Training includes reading the Exposure Control Plan document, or by completing the VIULearn training course.

If you have selected to read the ECP, please email your manager and so that this can be documented.

If you are completing the training through VIULearn, please click on the link below to the login page. There are instructions within the course to direct you how to submit your completion certificate to your manager and

Exposure Control Plan Training on VIULearn

Through Course Selector

  1. Go to, click on “Go To VIULearn”, and sign in with your computer account
  2. Click on the “Select A Course” waffle icon in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Type “COVID” into the search box and click the magnifying glass icon
  4. If the course appears, you should be able to click on it to open it, or pin it if you want to save it on your course list

If that doesn’t work, please email . It is possible the course has an enrollment limit that they need to adjust.

Guide to Accessing Your COVID-19 ECP Training Certificate


2. COVID-19 Safety Plans: Supporting Frameworks to Return Safely to Campus

COVID-19 Health and Safety Planning Framework for Face-to-Face Learning

COVID-19 Health and Safety Planning Framework: Operational and Student Support Services
COVID-19 H&S Plan Framework for Operations and Student Support Services

COVID-19 and Research at VIU

3. Risk Assessments

The following can be used to help you prepare to complete a COVID-19 risk assessment.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Training


Operational and Student Service Areas: Completed Risk Assessments

The following risk assessments have been prepared for you. Managers, using the control options listed, select what will work best in the work areas that you manage. Make sure to include your employees throughout the process.

Communication is Key! Write down the steps to be followed in a new Safe Work Procedure. Share these procedures with all of your employees so  they know what to do and expect when they return to work!

Completed COVID-19 Risk Identification, Assessment and Control Options for Offices

Completed COVID-19 Risk identification, assessment and control options for Athletics and Recreation

Completed COVID-19 Risk Identification, Assessment and Control Options for the Library

Completed COVID-19 Risk Identification, Assessment and Control Options for VIU Retail Spaces

The following checklist has been prepared for VIU Faculty wishing to access their offices to prepare for teaching in Fall 2020


4. Safe Work Procedures

Below are some completed procedures that you can use in your Safety Plans

Face-to-Face Learning: Entry and Exit Process


Personal Protective Equipment

5. VIEW Approved COVID-19 Health and Safety Plans for inspiration!

To better assist you with your own COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan, please feel free to view these departmental plans that are already complete. Access Departmental Health and Safety Plans.


6. Working Alone, in Isolation, or at Home

Working Alone or in Isolation during COVID-19 (including Work at Home)

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