COVID-19 Protocols for On-Campus Activities

Are you coming to campus? Here’s what you need to know.   

Before you come

  • Assess yourself: It is your personal responsibility to complete a daily self-administered health check for cold or flu symptoms before you come to VIU. Please do not attend campus when you are ill. Use the BC Thrive Health App to determine if COVID-19 testing is needed. Testing is not recommended for adults and children with mild symptoms. Learn more at What to do if you have COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test result.
  • Stay home if you’re sick: If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms like fever or coughing, stay home and self-isolate for 5-10 days depending on your vaccination status.
  • Pack your mask: Masks are required to be worn in all indoor spaces on VIU campuses and facilities. Learn more by visiting our Mask Protocol and FAQs page.

Once you’re on campus

  • Maintain good hand hygiene:  Make sure to wash your hands regularly and/or use one of the hand sanitizing stations placed at all building entrances and other high-traffic areas. It’s the most effective way to reduce infection spread.
  • Clean surfaces frequently: Clean personal and commonly shared hard surfaces such as tabletops, doorknobs, phones and keyboards to reduce the risk of spreading viruses.
  • Cover your sneeze and cough: Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or sleeve and turn your head away from others when coughing and sneezing.
  • Respect the boundaries of others: As we all adjust to new ways of learning, working and interacting, be mindful of the personal space and comfort levels of others around you. 

As stated in the Return-to-Campus Guidelines: “We can all contribute personally and professionally by getting vaccinated (as we are able), following campus safety plans, performing our daily health check, staying home when sick, wearing masks as required, following handwashing and hygiene etiquette, and following public health guidance both on and off campus.”

Should I wear a mask?

Yes. For more information, please read the Mask Protocol FAQ

Do I need to get a COVID-19 vaccine?

VIU highly recommends getting vaccinated against COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccines are available at no charge to everyone ages 12+ living, working or studying in BC during the pandemic. This includes international students and their families. Getting vaccinated for COVID-19 is easy and safe and is a vital part of protecting everyone in our community. Learn more at Info for Post-Secondary Students About COVID-19 Vaccinations or ImmunizeBC


If you have any concerns or questions about your health and safety at VIU, please contact your instructor/manager or email  

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These protocols are part of VIU’s Communicable Diseases Plan