VIU’s vaccine self-declaration program

As announced on August 25, VIU is introducing a vaccine self-declaration program for students and employees to support the wellness and mental health of our community and a safe campus environment.

We are requesting that all employees and students declare their vaccination status by October 1. If you are vaccinated and choose to declare this, that is the only step you need to take. If you are unvaccinated or choose not to disclose your status you may receive, through a direct email, more information about rapid testing or other secondary health and safety measures you may be required to take.  

Action for employees:

To declare your vaccination status, please take the following steps:

  1. Sign on to the Employee Portal using your VIU Employee Credentials. (If you are unable to sign onto the Employee Portal to complete this self-declaration, please contact to assist with the process. For those without a computer, please use the computers available on our campuses.)
  2. Click on the “Personnel information” activity.
  3. Choose the COVID-19 tab.
  4. Read the COVID-19 Declaration. (If you prefer, you can click the link under For More Information to read the Self-Declaration and Acknowledgements on the VIU website.)
  5. Choose your response from the dropdown menu: (If you have or need a human rights accommodation, please choose “I do not plan to get a COVID-19 vaccination” and contact your Human Resources Advisor.)
  6. Please check both (2) boxes to provide a complete declaration. If you do not, you will receive an automated email reminder to complete this step.
  7. Click on Save and then OK in the Success pop-up box to record your vaccination declaration.

If your COVID-19 vaccination status changes, simply go back into the COVID-19 tab in your Personnel Record and select the appropriate response from the Vaccination Status dropdown list. Confirm both boxes are still checked and click on Save and then OK to update your vaccination declaration.

Important information:

  1. Access: If you need help logging into the Human Resources Information System, please contact IT at If you do not have access to a computer or need assistance to complete the online self-declaration, please contact VIU’s Health and Safety Team at
    1. Accommodation: For individuals who require an accommodation for medical reasons or other protected human rights under the BC Human Rights Code, please contact your Human Resources Advisor who will help you with the confidential process to make an accommodation request.
    2. Privacy: Your personal information is collected, stored and accessed only for the purposes of maximizing safe operations on VIU campuses and facilities. Information about your vaccine status gathered through VIU’s vaccine self-declaration program will be accessible only to designated administrators who are responsible for the health and safety of the university community.  
    3. Quality Assurance: VIU may audit the accuracy of the self-declaration process as necessary. Individuals may be asked to provide proof of their vaccination status in future.
    4. Integrity: Individuals who provide false information in relation to their COVID-19 vaccination status may be subject to disciplinary action.

If you have any questions, please review the employee FAQ section specifically related to VIU’s vaccine self-declaration program. If your question is not answered there, please email

We strongly encourage all members of the VIU community to get vaccinated. You can get vaccinated at the on-campus vaccine clinic which is located on the first floor of Building 255 in the multi-purpose room (170) from September 8 - 23, 10 am - 2 pm (Monday - Thursday).

Thank you for your cooperation and participation as we work to keep our community healthy and safe this fall.