Working Alone or Remotely During COVID-19

In order to create the safest at-home work experience possible in these unprecedented and challenging times, please consider the following health and safety information.

  • Working alone procedures
  • Ergonomics
  • Workers compensation and the BC occupational health and safety regulations

Consideration for Working Alone at Home

  • There is an emergency evacuation route in place for the home
  • A periodic check-in schedule has been created with the manager and their employees
  • A process to summon emergency assistance has been established between all employees working from home and their manager
  • All incidents and accidents must be immediately reported to both the manager and

Consideration for Working Alone on Campus

If you will be working alone on the Nanaimo Campus at any time, please let your manager know when this will be happening, and make sure to contact Campus Security to let them know when you arrive and leave. If you are working alone on the Nanaimo Campus, please follow the procedure for Working Alone on the Nanaimo Campus to guide you.

If you are working alone at the Cowichan or Powell River Campuses, or at any of VIU's other worksites, please contact you manager directly to establish your check-in and emergency assistance process prior to the start of the work. The Health and Safety Services department can assist you at any time to determine your specific working alone needs.


For information on ergonomics, please see to the VIU Ergonomics website that is always available on the Health and Safety Services website. The VIU Human Resources group has also included some physical well-being resources that are specific to working remotely from home during COVID-19. 

Virtual workstation assessments can be requested by contacting

Workers Compensation in BC

WCB insurance for work related injuries and accidents continue to apply while you are working remotely at home during COVID-19.

VIU is not responsible for any non-work related injuries that may occur at home. Compensation will be limited to incidents that occur during scheduled work times only.

Tools for Working Safely At-home