Branding for Digital Presentations

Brand resources for virtual communications and presentations 

As VIU employees’ communications and course delivery have made a big shift online, the Strategic Marketing team has put together some resources to help in the correct use of the University brand. 

Branded VIU Zoom Backgrounds

With the increased need to work and communicate digitally, VIU is making available custom branded backgrounds for digital (Zoom) meetings and presentations for faculty and staff on all campuses and research centres. These branded backgrounds offer privacy when broadcasting from home and a more polished, professional look.

Download the backgrounds.

Using the VIU Logo

If you’re creating new communications or presentations, or updating ones used previously, check to make sure they include the VIU logo. We updated the VIU logo in 2016, so double check you are using the correct version. You can find it on our Resources page. For digital uses, choose the “RGB Logos for digital use”. If you’re not sure if you are using the correct version, here’s a handy guide to telling the difference between the old logo and the new one.

Other tips for brand use in presentations

Communicating VIU’s brand consistently and effectively, in visuals as well as in the messages we share, sets our institution apart from others. It strengthens and increases the brand’s equity over time and makes VIU stronger and more unified. If you are creating digital presentations or communications for students, or internal or external audiences, ensure that you are following VIU’s Brand Guidelines. And if you’re not sure, reach out and we can answer your questions.

Brand support for faculty and staff 

If you have any branding questions or concerns, or need help with marketing materials, learn more about how you can access our services here, or send us an email.