On-campus Events

The Recruitment Team is responsible for a large number of events and activities both on and off campus. On campus, our events are focused on connecting prospective students to the campus and to the VIU community. These on-campus events are a great way for your faculty to meet prospective students who are eager to learn what we offer at VIU! 

On-campus events:

  • VIU Parents Session – information for members of the VIU community who have children considering post-secondary.
  • Discovery Days (annually during reading week)
  • Open House
  • It’s not too late…

Off-campus Events

We are members of post-secondary based organizations such as PSBC, Canadian University Events (CUE), and Out Of Province University Fairs (OOP). With these groups we cover the entire province of BC as well as parts of eastern Canada to connect with thousands of students each recruitment season.

Off campus, we represent VIU in a variety of ways including, but not limited to:

  • recruitment fairs,
  • high school visits,
  • transfer student activity (college visits and fairs), and community events.
  • Future Student Nights (conversion)
  • Island high school visits
  • Parent Info Nights

Recruitment Support - What do we do?

The Recruitment Team focuses on key regions identified via data provided by the Office of University Planning and Analysis. Our goal is to maximize the exposure of Vancouver Island University in our local communities and across Canada. To reach this goal, we liaise and nurture relationships with with high schools, employment agencies, immigrant welcome centres, youth organizations, community groups, colleges, parents and alumni. We also attend conferences, post-secondary recruitment events, community events, and local and national education and career fairs; all with the goal of raising awareness of the institution, developing VIU ambassadorship and, ultimately, recruiting new students.

Internally, we assist with VIU recruitment protocols and processes.