From March 15 to April 11, 2016, OUPA invited 2013 Graduates to participate in the new Graduate Outcomes (GO) survey. This survey has been created to:

  • Assess students’ transition experience out of VIU (how prepared they felt, the services at VIU they found useful or could be improved, their relationships at VIU that helped them continue to grow, etc.)
  • Learn more about their current lives: Are they working? Where are they now? Are they pursuing more schooling? How do they feel about where they are in their lives with respect to the goals they set for themselves during school?
  • For program review: Would they recommend their program to a friend? How useful was their program in preparing them for what they are doing now?
  • Specific questions for international students: Are they still in Canada? Are they now a permanent resident (or not, do they plan to become one)?

2016 was the first year of GO.The responses will help improve VIU services and programs, and enhance our students' university experience and transition out of VIU into the next steps of their lives.

Respondents giving back - thank you, graduates!

We are proud of our graduates, and we want to help others achieve their academic goals as well. For every completed survey, OUPA donated $5 to the scholarship fund of the participants' choosing. At the end of the survey, they were given the choice of donating to one of the following funds:

  • The Emergency Student Bursary: a fund to support students needing emergency financial support
  • The Inspiration Fund: a fund directed to support the greatest needs at VIU

Thank you, participating Graduates! We will be donating near $800, with over half going towards the Emergency Student Bursary!

If you have any questions regarding the funds, feel free to contact William Litchfield (, Associate Vice-President, University Relations/Chief Advancement Officer
University Relations/Government and Public Affairs.

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