Federated Identity Management

The Federated Identity Management (FIM) project is a multi-year initiative that will simplify access to internal and external services and resources for the VIU community. The initiative will also improve VIU’s identity management practices.

Why we are excited about FIM

Imagine if students could use their new cards (VIUcards) to automatically have access to the resources and spaces they need. This is the work we are undertaking, both to maximize the benefits of the VIUcards, and to address important gaps and issues associated with current approaches.

Useful links


Date Stream Task
Dec. 2020 FIM Restructuring of FIM Governance.
Dec. 2020 VIUcard VIUcard lifecycle plan.
Dec. 2020 VIUcard Future of FIM Client / transition to operations.
TBD IAM VIU's Zoom system for students to join Federated SSO.
TBD VIUcard Facility access data for BC Gov contact-tracing.
TBD IAM Formalise and streamline Federated SSO onboarding.
TBD VIUcard Accessibility enhancements.
TBD VIUcard Feasibility of VIUcard use for the proposed Ancillary services gift card plan.
TBD VIUcard VIUcard lifecycle implementation.
TBD IAM Centralised, standards-based identity store.
TBD IAM Identity lifecycle management.
TBD IAM Web-based SSO.
TBD VIUcard OneCard software installation, configuration and VIU system onboarding.


Date Stream Task
Sep. 2020 VIUcard VIUcard access to most buildings of Nanaimo campus.
Oct. 2, 2020 VIUcard 24/7 VIUcard access no longer applies to the International building (B255).
Sep. 2020 VIUcard VIUcard access to the Cowichan main campus Commons areas.
Aug. 2020 VIUcard VIUcard access to Science, Culinary, HHS laboratories and other protected facilities made possible with the FIM Client software.
Aug. 2020 IAM Library Catalogue authentication switches to VIU computer credentials.
Jul. 2020 IAM VIULearn joins Federated SSO.
Apr. 2020 VIUcard 24/7 VIUcard access to the bike compound on the lower campus.
Mar. 2020 IAM VIU's Zoom system for staff joins Federated SSO.
Jan. 2020 VIUcard Limited after hours VIUcard access to building 170 (Shq'apthut).
Dec. 2019 VIUcard The Library Learning Commons (B305) and the International building (B255) are accessible 24/7 with the new VIUcards.
Jul. 2019 VIUcard Introduced all-new, photo-ID selfie upload functionality for students and began replacing all VIUcards issued prior to July, 2019.


Email: fim@viu.ca