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BC Training and Education Savings Grant

What is the BC Training and Education Savings Grant?

The BCTESG is a free $1200 grant from the BC Government deposited into a child's RESP. The program is intended to help families with children aged 6-9 save for post-secondary education.


  • You and your child must be BC residents
  • Your child must be between the ages of 6-9, expiring on their 9th birthday
  • Your child must be the beneficiary of an RESP account
  • You and your child must have Social Insurance Numbers

BCTESG Checklist

Step 1: Visit your financial institution and ask if they offer the grant or see I want to set up an RESP to get started with SmartSaver in less than 10 minutes.

Step 2: Gather proof of residency (BC driver's license, Services Card, or BC utilities bill) and Social Insurance Numbers (SIN's) for yourself and your child.

Step 3: Complete your RESP application for your child with your financial institution and apply for the $1200 BCTESG and any other grants you are eligible for.