Programs and Equipment


Our Nursing program needs everything from basic equipment and hardware to simulation mannequins. Some areas you can support are: 

  • Simulation Mannequins
  • Equipment/Hardware for Three Bed Areas
  • HD digital camera, microphone, LCD TV


For Science, we are fundraising for everything from field equipment to High Resolution Mass Spectrometers. Some areas to consider are:

  • Field equipment
  • Transportable Mass Spectrometer 
  • High Resolution Mass Spectrometer 


Equipment needs for the Automotive, Marine Mechanical, Heavy Duty Mechanical, LNG and Carpentry programs vary widely. Some examples of needs are:

  • Overhead crane LNG bay
  • Toolkits and work benches
  • CNC router or plasma cutter, hydraulic sheer

Geo-Exchange Energy System

We want to create an interpretive component via three TV screens. Each TV will have a different themed video displayed – past, present and future. Equipment needs are:

  • Control system upgrade
  • A/V signage
  • Fibre optic network connection
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