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Who We Are

VIU ElderCollege is world-wide. VIU ElderCollege was established in 1993 with a purpose of providing life-long learning opportunities for people who are 50+ in the communities from Ladysmith to Bowser for the courses held in person, and world-wide for our online courses!

Life-long learning is widely recognized as important to an enriched and stimulating lifestyle and good mental health in today’s rapidly changing world.

VIU ElderCollege is supported by a volunteer Board of Directors. Courses are taught by volunteer instructors with the support of VIU staff and resources.


To be an outstanding source for vibrant and engaging lifelong learning.


To offer quality learning and teaching opportunities for adults 50+ in communities served by Vancouver Island University and beyond.

Learning for Life 

Keeping mind, body and spirit stimulated, challenged and fully engaged through on-going, voluntary and self-motivated pursuit and sharing of knowledge.

Interview with VIU ElderCollege Program Coordinator, Regan McKeever and Dr. John Black with VIU Adventures in Mind

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