Give Today

Donating Made Easy

Please give generously today to help make a difference in your community. Ongoing donations reduce administrative costs and promote funding stability for United Way. After charitable tax benefits, the net cost of your investment is much lower than you think!


Payroll Deductions Details

One-time donations are deducted from your next pay period (based on submission deadlines for timesheets). The full amount is deducted at one time.

  • One-time donations are included in the total for the  current tax year  and will be reflected in the T-4 issued for this tax year.
  • Those making one-time donations are considered annual donors and their gift will not automatically renew for the following year.

Bi-weekly payroll deductions will commence in the next pay period and will be continuous each year until you notify Payroll that you wish to make a change.

  • If you signed up for a "Continuous" donation, your donation will continue at the same level.
  • Newly hired staff can sign up for biweekly donations to start with their first paycheque.

When signing up for payroll deduction, you can select one of the three United Way districts with a VIU campus (Cowichan, Powell River or Central and Northern Vancouver Island) and your donation will be directed to this district. There is also an option is to specify a local community or United Way program (programs can be viewed online).

Check On Your Donor Status

To confirm your donor status, follow these instructions:

  • Access the Employee Portal
  • Open the Employee Self-Service section
  • Open the Payroll section
  • Select the Benefits Inquiry section
  • Near the bottom of the various benefits (may be on a second page) you will see United Way listed
    • If there is an end date, then you were an annual (one-time) donor.
    • If there is no end date, then you are a continuous donor.

If you wish to make a change to the amount or focus of donation, or if you wish to terminate you payroll deductions, a request to change must be emailed to Payroll at least two weeks in advance.