United Way

Why Support United Way?

United Way changes people’s lives for the better by tackling pressing social issues in your community.

Show Your Local Love! 

Do you love where you live? Do you want to make this community even stronger? Show your local love.

Our local communities all face the same challenges: homelessness and child vulnerability—poverty, in all its forms. Local love is about local people doing good locally, showing their commitment to the long-term vitality of this place we call home.

Your donation helps United Way tackle tough social issues by:

  • researching conditions,
  • building coalitions that are more effective than one player or funder working alone,
  • and directing donated dollars to help some of our most vulnerable neighbours.

See how your local love can change lives.

Watch United Way’s 2018-19 Show Your Local Love Campaign Video.

100% Local

United Way Campaign will positively affect more than 52,000 people through more than 116 programs on Vancouver Island and in Powell River.

Your donation is invested into services to help those in need – your friends, neighbors, co-workers or maybe even yourself – when it’s needed most.

Find out more about where your donations to United Way go and how those donations support your community. 

From the Powell River District through Central and Northern Vancouver Island, VIU sopports the United Way.
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