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Latest News

Because of uncertainty about the safety of international travel, our popular Renaissance Italy Adventure has been postponed until May 2023. Details will appear on this site during the coming summer.

What is Adventures in Mind? 

Adventures in Mind is for everyone, young and old, local or distant. Add something special to your travels by joining knowledgeable VIU professors to explore the history and culture of fascinating places.

Adventures in Mind will appeal to life-long learners who are inquisitive, open-minded and looking beyond the usual tourist experience. Under expert guidance, groups of 7-15 encounter the selected destination through tours, lectures and seminar discussions, and with ample free time for independent activity. Participants are encouraged to share their knowledge and understanding with others, so that all benefit in their learning.

Typical Adventures run for three weeks, and emphasize staying in a single place to minimize time lost to travel; university credit may sometimes be an option; a level of physical and mental fitness is highly advisable; curiosity and community spirit are essential!

To discuss your interest in Adventures in Mind, please email:

Important Notices

A level of physical and medical fitness is required to get the most out of our Adventures. Some of the sites visited are accessible only on foot (some are not wheelchair-accessible), and the visits may require lengthy periods of walking and standing. Accommodation may be several floors up, with no elevator, and you may have to carry your luggage considerable distances and up and down stairs. If you have any limitations or concerns in this area, please consult Adventures in Mind staff before applying.

In recognition of the health and comfort of others, all Adventures are scent-free: please do not use perfume or other scented products.

All Adventures are subject to enrolment.