Faculty Self Directed Evaluation

The New Collective Agreement between Vancouver Island University and the Vancouver Island Faculty Association (VIUFA) stipulates in Article 7.4 that “The parties support periodic formative self-directed evaluation of faculty as a means of collecting valuable feedback in order to continue to provide high quality instruction and service.” The entirety of Article 7.4 is provided for your convenience on page two of the summary document to the right of this screen, in the panel entitled 'Self-Directed, Formative Evaluation for VIU Faculty'.

The purpose of these pages is to provide support for faculty members who are engaged in the process of formative, self-directed evaluation. For more information about each of the three areas, click the tabs at the top of the screen.

Self-Directed, Formative Evaluation for VIU Faculty

This document summarizes the work undertaken by a committee of representatives from VIUFA and VIU administration to support faculty members in the "design of their own evaluation process".

Faculty Self-Directed Evaluation Form