What is Project NELVANA?

Starting in 2020, VIU is reviewing its end-user computing experience and end-point systems. This includes all the devices students and employees use to access educational and administrative systems.

NELVANA is currently in planning and charter creation phase. We have secured project management resources and engaged IBM for upcoming design thinking sessions.  These will happen in late February 2020. We have launched an assessment phase focused on current IT processes and systems.

This is a very significant project for VIU and it will impact all students and employees in some way so we want to ensure we get input from across the campus community.

End user device remediation includes but is not limited to the delivery, life-cycle management, and retirement of end user technology such as laptops, desktops, tablets, student computer labs, BYOD, software, updates and all centrally managed end-point systems.

The end goal of project NELVANA is to meet end user needs required to support the academic plan, enable students, staff & academics to be productive on all their devices, while keeping VIU’s information protected.

NELVANA high level diagram