New Employee Number FAQ

Author: Andrew Speed

This video outlines the change

1) What does a new employee number mean?

It means that all systems that are migrating to UBW during this implementation will use the new employee number. Systems that are not migrating will continue to rely on your old employee number.

Please refer to the following chart that compares StarGarden and UBW.




Personnel Information

Position Details

Password Change

Pay Slips/T4s


Taxation Information

Banking Information


2) Do I have to get a new employee card?

No you do not. None of the security programming for building access will be affected.

3) What systems will not be affected?

Dining cards for employees, gymnasium access and benefits access. Although VIU employee numbers are used as an identifier for Manulife (VIU’s benefits provider), nothing will change as this is not a VIU system. The number starting with a zero will continue to be used by Manulife.

4) Will employee numbers be issued differently in the future?

Going forward, VIU will follow best practices in assigning employee numbers, which means they will begin with a “3” or a “4”.

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