Project AURORA

What is Project AURORA?

Between 2017 and 2021, VIU is replacing its Finance and HR/Payroll Information systems. The Student Information System will be updated after these are in place. This will include the tools students use to do things like register for classes, request transcripts, and much more.

These are very significant projects for VIU and will impact all students and employees in some way so we want to ensure we get input from across the campus community.

Many communications have been sent out to employees. See Communications history. As well, you can read the posts below or explore Employee videos

A detailed description of the project can be found in the AURORA Project and Change Charter.

Training Materials

For training materials go to Employee Portal Training.

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  • Chalkboard with the word "Update" and a drawing of a clock

    Project AURORA Update - Jan 2021

    New year changes for Finance
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  • No Problem - Solution

    Project AURORA Update - June 2020

    Spring has been a very busy time for the entire Project AURORA team. Like so many groups across the University, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to change the way we work and find innovative ways to collaborate. The upcoming Finance module go-live date in April 2021 means that we cannot take our...

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  • Revised timeline

    Revised Timelines for Project AURORA

    Finance go live April 2021 and Student go live Oct 2021
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    New Employee Number FAQ

    This video outlines the change 1) What does a new employee number mean? It means that all systems that are migrating to UBW during this implementation will use the new employee number. Systems that are not migrating will continue to rely on your old employee number. Please refer to the following...

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  • What's next on a chalkboard

    Overall Progress Update - Fall 2019

    All Project AURORA team members along with the Enterprise Systems team are fully engaged in implementation activities. The HR/Payroll teams are nearing completion of the third of four parallel payroll test runs and are well positioned for a scheduled go-live of January 1, 2020. The student team...

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  • Office scene

    Overall Progress Update

    Project Aurora is in full swing these days with a lot of activity happening concurrently. The HR/Payroll team reached a significant milestone recently by running their first parallel payroll test. The student team continues to work on configuring the new system, including how it stores all of our...

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  • Title Slide - U4 Employee Recruitment Presentation

    Status Update - Recruitment is Live, Overall Progress, and Process Changes

    Employee Recruitment Module is Live! One of the components of the new HR/Payroll system is an Employee Recruitment Module.  We are excited to announce this module went live on January 3, 2019! Thank you to everyone who helped get us to go-live, including Carole Gray, Diane Rembold, and the...

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  • Project process

    Status Update - Year 1 of Implementation is Complete

    Year 1 of Implementation is Complete The AURORA project team, with considerable support from all of VIU, has reached a number of significant implementation milestones over the past year since VIU signed the contract with Unit4 to provide its new administrative systems. While we are very excited...

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  • Town Hall Title Slide

    Status Update - Town Hall, Progress and Timeline Update

    In this post, information about the recent Town Hall meeting is covered along with a status update including the official project timeline, progress completed so far, and things we are getting excited about. Project AURORA Town Hall - May 17, 2018 A town hall meeting was held on May 17, 2018 hosted...

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  • Benefits realization strategy broken down

    Status Update - Benefits Realization

    What are the goals for Project AURORA? While we are still early in the implementation process to replace VIU’s core administrative Finance, HR, Payroll, and Student systems, it is important that we look forward now to the benefits we hope to achieve through Project AURORA. A Benefits Realization...

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