Status Update - Year 1 of Implementation is Complete

Project process
Author: Aubrey Robertson

Year 1 of Implementation is Complete

The AURORA project team, with considerable support from all of VIU, has reached a number of significant implementation milestones over the past year since VIU signed the contract with Unit4 to provide its new administrative systems. While we are very excited about our achievements to-date, we know that Year 2 will be very demanding.

Thank You!

Thank you so very much to everyone in the VIU community for your continued support of this work.  The AURORA team is grateful for your patience with the process and your eagerness to jump-in when we need your input and expertise.

Overall Progress Update

Project phases

Employee Recruitment Module Coming Soon...

One of the new systems currently being implemented through Project AURORA is a stand-alone Employee Recruitment module, which can work independent of the other AURORA modules. As the implementation of this module nears completion we are planning for end-user training and go-live. Watch for further detailed communication about these plans, which will be sent soon.