Overall Progress Update

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Author: Project Team

Project Aurora is in full swing these days with a lot of activity happening concurrently.

  • The HR/Payroll team reached a significant milestone recently by running their first parallel payroll test.
  • The student team continues to work on configuring the new system, including how it stores all of our academic programs and course data.
  • Finally, the Finance team is excited to share the first demo of our new system (see below).

Finance User Acceptance Testing

The upcoming phase for the Finance system is User Acceptance Testing, which is when participation beyond the project team will become more significant. During that phase users from across the institution will begin learning about the new Finance system structure and test using it to perform a variety of transactions. The purpose of this testing period is to ensure that the system is working as expected and resulting in accurate data.

Highlights of Changes in Finance Processes

We are continuing to build electronic forms and approval processes, with a lot of help from Enterprise Systems. With these new tools in place to support our processes, we will see a reduction in paper documentation and manual approval processes. One example is the ability to upload photos of receipts and then submit expense claims for approval within the system, rather than by printing and signing a paper document.

Purchase Requisition Demo 

At our most recent Town Hall we were able to share a demonstration of the Purchase Requisition process using the new system. This demo can be viewed by going to Employee Training Videos tab above and scrolling to Training Videos. Or you can view the demo here.

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