Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Office


The Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Office is available to students, faculty, staff and administrators for consultation on issues related to equity, diversity, inclusion and human rights.

To book a consultation with the Director, send an email to HumanRights@viu.ca Please add your VIU contact details and a brief description of your concern.

If you wish to provide us with some background information prior to your appointment, please fill out our Contact Form.


To plan an educational session or orientation for your class or group, please contact the Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Office by email HumanRights@viu.ca.

Contact Us

Monique McKay, Director

Telephone: 250.740.6430
Email:  Monique.McKay@viu.ca  

Morgan Tomlinson-Bull, Case Manager and Investigator

Telephone: 250.740.6440
Email:  Morgan.Tomlinson-Bull@viu.ca  


We are located in building 300, room 100 at the Nanaimo Campus. We can also host meetings via Zoom if you prefer.

Universal Access Committee

The UAC has committed to improving the accessible wayfinding of VIU's students, staff and visitors.

Positive Space

The Positive Space Alliance seeks to raise awareness of diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity and to challenge the patterns of silence that continue to marginalize these communities.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

VIU has now established a dedicated team to promote and ensure equity, diversity and inclusion across all the individuals, groups, departments and offices which make up our VIU community.