Vancouver Island University (VIU) is committed to creating a respectful, safe and supportive learning, working and living environment where members of the University community are free from sexual violence and sexual misconduct. VIU’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedure demonstrate this commitment and ensure everyone, regardless of gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation feels safe and supported. Together, we can create a culture of respect and understanding.

Know Support – Know that you are not alone. There are several steps you can take and resources you can access for support and assistance if you have experienced sexualized violence.

Members of the VIU community are invited to join the conversation about sexual violence. Conversations can help raise awareness about sexual violence, consent, support services and let survivors know they are not alone.

Know Consent – Know that everyone has boundaries and they need to be treated with respect.  Make consent part of your daily life because consent isn’t something we do just once, we need to do it all the time.


Tea Consent


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Know More is a sponsored Moose Hide Campaign Safe Space, Safe Place initiative


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