Access and Inclusion Awards - Previous Recipients


Richard Lewis, Associate Vice-President, Facilities and Ancillary Services - Recipient of the President's Award for Enhancing Access and Inclusion.  Please see photo with more details on this years' recipient.

Jamie Covey, Practicum Coordinator, Early Childhood Education - Recipient of the President's Award for Demonstrating Excellence in Accessible Education.


Dr. Linda Derksen, the recipient of VIU’s 2019 (inaugural) Access & Inclusion Award

Linda is a Professor in the Department of Sociology. She is also a tireless advocate for making our campuses optimally accessible and inclusive - for persons with disabilities, for all members of the University community, and for our guests and visitors alike.  Linda’s depth of expertise on accessibility and inclusion is matched only by the depth of her passion – and her ability to practice advocacy by infectious inspiration, thereby igniting that passion in others. Linda has built key relationships both internally and externally, resulting in significant improvements to both VIU’s physical environment, and to our shared understanding of how accessibility and inclusion lie at the heart of our institutional identity.

Mary Stasiuk, the recipient of Accolades

Mary has both increased awareness of access issues at VIU, and been instrumental in creating concrete, practical improvements and solutions. As an Access Specialist, she has supported the physical and academic inclusion of hundreds of VIU students. She finds creative solutions to access issues and inspires others to do the same. Understanding of the practical barriers facing some students, she engages with multiple campus stakeholders to facilitate real change (such as an accessible residence cooking space) that not only improves access for individual students, but also raises general awareness of systemic barriers. Mary is tenacious and energetic, and will persist where others may despair at the enormity of a task. Her personal and professional commitment to improving inclusivity is unwavering. 

Monica Kay, DEHR Director, Award Recipient - Dr. Linda Derksen, Accolades Recipient - Mary Stasiuk, Dr. Ralph Nilson, VIU President