Bomb Threat/ Suspicious Object

VIU Emergency bombIf you receive a bomb threat by telephone, follow these steps:

  • Stay calm;
  • Keep the caller on the line;
  • Do not upset the caller; AND

Ask a lot of questions:

  • Where is the bomb?
  • When is it set to go off?
  • What kind is it?
  • What does it look like?
  • Permit the caller to say as much as possible without interruption.
  • Record the caller’s phone number if possible. Take notes on everything said and on your observations about background noise, voice characteristics, language, etc. Ensure you are in a safe location and call 250-740-6600 and advise that a bomb threat has been received and request police involvement.

Suspicious Object

  • DO NOT touch or disturb the object.
  • Move to a safe location and call 911 and 250-740-6600.