Procedures and Documents

The following documents include additional  procedures/information that should be reviewed prior to any emergency at VIU.

Nanaimo Campus Building Evacuations

All employees and students should be familiar with Evacuation procedures. In the event of a building evacuation, all building occupants will be notified through the voice messaging system, the Safety App and through Alertus. Occupants should find the closest safe exit and leave the building. Designated Emergency Wardens will be available in most buildings to direct people to the designated Evacuation Points for the building. Nanaimo Campus – Evacuation Points map

Some parts of the lower campus in Nanaimo are affected by an additional Evacuation procedure.  The 100 meter Evacuation Procedure will notify affected buildings through the voice messaging system and specific building alarms. The 100 meter perimeter is a safe zone that will be established around B130 (welding) in the event of fire or gas alarm. In these cases , occupants will be directed to a certain exit and evacuation point outside the perimeter.  100m Perimeter Evacuation Map