Displaying the Positive Space Symbol Means

  • That you believe that systemic and personal discrimination and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity is wrong
  • That you will be sensitive to the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people on campus
  • That you will respect the privacy of anyone who contacts you about issues to do with Positive Space
  • That you will not condone homophobia, transphobic or heterosexist language or actions in your work, study or living space

Did You Know?

Intersecting Oppression - Homophobia & Racism

The early fathers of Vancouver used homophobic laws to target South Asians and Chinese labourers?   A new short film explores this issue by examining a 1915 trial where two Sikh mill-workers, Dalip Singh and Naina Singh, were entrapped by undercover police, accused of sodomy and sent to trial. While many pieces of this queer history are lost, get a glimpse in Rex vs Singh, co-directed by John Greyson, Richard Fung, and Ali Kazimi.