What Will Be My Responsibilities as a Positive Space Campaign Participant?Positive Space logo

1.  Display a Positive Space symbol

  • Someplace where it is readily visible, preferably at the entrance to your work, study or living space.  Please make sure that you have notified anyone with whom you share space of your intention to participate in the Positive Space Campaign.  (Please take the symbol with you if you are moving to a different space).
  • The symbol is to be displayed by those who have completed the Positive Space Orientation.  Please do not give your symbol to anyone else.
  • Report any graffiti, damage or removal of the symbol to the Positive Space Alliance so that it can be replaced.

2.  Participate actively in Vancouver Island University’s Positive Space Campaign

  • Be willing to be a compassionate listener, but not a counsellor.  Know where to refer people if they require more in-depth assistance.
  • Check the Positive Space website on a regular basis.  In particular, monitor the list of resources on campus and in the community at large.  Let us know of any out of date resources or events, or defunct links.  Try to be aware of upcoming 2SLGBTQ+ events.
  • Take advantage of workshop and further training opportunities offered throughout the school year.

3.  Support and publicize the Campaign

  • Be willing to explain to others the significance of the Positive Space symbol, what the campaign is about, how they can become involved.

Did You Know?

Loving parents come in all colours, genders and sexual orientations… even species.

Did you Know?

Have you heard about a couple of gay penguins at the Central park Zoo in New York? An interested and enlightened zookeeper gave them an egg to hatch, and voila – a family! Tango (the hatched chick) had no adjustment or identity problems for being hatched into a family headed by two males.

Read all about this in the children’s book – "And Tango Makes Three".