Know Consent

Consent is not just for sex, it brings more care, respect and understanding to all of our relationships.

 Practice makes perfect!

  • Don’t tell other people’s stories
  • Obtain consent before engaging in all forms of touch
  • Get everyone’s input when planning group activities
  • Ask before photographing or posting photos of other people online.

Feeling free to say yes or no is important to keep you from getting hurt or hurting others, and is part of a satisfying life, grounded in free choice.

Know Consent VIUSU Women's Student Rep

Chantelle Spicer, Women Students' Representative, Vancouver Island University Students’ Union

Know Consent – Know that everyone has boundaries and they need to be treated with respect. Make consent part of your daily life because consent isn’t something we do just once, we need to do it all the time.

Tea Consent