Workplace Conflict

Our main purpose as a post-secondary educational institution is to provide high quality educational experiences for our students. Achieving that goal requires employees to develop and maintain effective working relationships.  

We know that differences can damage working relationships and our effectiveness in working together.

Have you ever:

  • Found yourself complaining about a colleague to others and avoiding contact?

  • Woken up in the middle of the night or had trouble sleeping because you were replaying in your mind an unsatisfactory interaction with a co-worker?

  • Felt pessimistic about the success of a project when you learned who you would have to work with to get the job done?

People often are unsure about how to approach others when there is a problem or concern. This site has been developed to assist VIU employees deal with workplace differences in positive ways.

We want to promote a working environment where employees feel respected; where differences are resolved in ways that promote collaborative and collegial working relationships as well as effective and creative solutions to problems. We encourage employees to actively address differences in the workplace and to make use of the resources of this site to identify effective ways for taking action.