Institutional Resources

While employees are encouraged to manage any conflict with co-workers in a productive way it is recognized that some conflicts can be difficult to resolve on your own. VIU has resources available for employees seeking assistance in managing conflict.  It is your choice where you seek assistance, based on your own assessment of your needs, and which person, service or organization you would feel most comfortable approaching.

Your Supervisor, Dean, Director or Regional Campus Principal

Supervisors, Deans, Directors and Regional Campus Principals have responsibility for addressing workplace problems in the area(s) they supervise and for ensuring that out-of-control conflict is not occurring in the workplace. They may be able to arrange a meeting to discuss the issue, clarify workplace expectations, take steps to solve systemic issues impacting the working relationships, or support you in gaining skills in conflict management. If inappropriate behaviour is occurring in the workplace s/he can take steps to prevent future problems.

Arrange a private meeting with the appropriate supervisor or administrator to discuss the problem and to request his/her assistance in finding a solution.

Your Union

BCGEU, VIUFA and CUPE members

Your union representative can assist you in determining what approach you wish to take in addressing your concern. The discussion is confidential and meant to assist you in developing a plan of action, whether it involves assistance from your union or not.

Make contact with your Chief Steward. He or she can get you in touch with the right person to assist.

Human Resources Office

Human Resource Advisors can provide confidential assistance to employees with concerns related to workplace conflict. Human Resources provides information on areas of responsibility so that you can determine the appropriate Advisor to call.

Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Director

The Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Director is available to assist you in managing workplace conflict. The Director is available to:

  • provide support in understanding the conflict and possible avenues for resolution
  • act as a neutral third party to assist in the resolution of an issue and to build a better working relationship

To arrange a meeting with the Director call 250.740.6440 or email

Employee and Family Assistance Program

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is a confidential counselling and information service sponsored by Vancouver Island University. This program is designed to help you and your dependents with any problems that affect your work life, your family life, or your general well-being. It is an external, confidential service available to employees where a trained professional can provide assistance addressing workplace problems.

An EFAP counsellor can assist you to explore a conflict, identify the issues that are impacting you, and to develop a plan for managing the concern.

You can connect with our EFAP provider, FGIWorld, or get more information through Human Resources Employee and Family Assistance.

Managing Conflict In The Workplace Certificate Program

The Centre for Continuing Studies offers a 10-Day Part-time Certificate Program: Managing Conflict in the Workplace