Community Engagement Plan

VIU’s new Strategic Plan: People, Place, Potential identifies clear and inspiring priorities to deepen and enhance engagement with community partners we serve. We are now commencing work to develop VIU’s 2022-27 Foundation Plan for Community Engagement.

Why are we undertaking this process?

The Foundation Plan for Community Engagement will allow us to build and deepen relationships with community partners to co-create solutions to some of societies’ most pressing problems. Built on a foundation of reciprocity, this plan will ensure alignment with the VIU Strategic Plan: People, Place, Potential and enable us to put in place the required services and supports to accomplish targets associated to community engagement.

This process is being guided by a framework for community engagement. This short document was developed by the steering committee to help our community understand the scope of the project and how they can engage. We encourage you to review this prior to participating in any of the engagement opportunities below.

How can you get involved?

There are numerous opportunities to provide input into this plan including:

  • Host a discussion using the Conversation Kit within your Department to help us identify how VIU is currently engaging with community partners and where you see opportunities for deepened engagement
  • Attend a lunch conversation with senior leaders to share what you are currently doing and where we could deepen commitment. The following dates will be hosted in the Royal Arbutus Room from 12 to 1 pm:
    • January 17, 2021 – Teaching and learning with Community
    • January 20, 2021 – Researching and exchanging knowledge with Community
    • January 24, 2021 – Encouraging student engagement with community
    • January 27, 2021 – Sharing resources and contributing to the public good with community
  • Help us complete the Carnegie Assessment for Community Engagement (more information will be shared shortly)
  • Share your thoughts with a member of the steering-committee-ce.docx
  • Send suggestions to
  • Provide input on Ethello (an on line engagement platform) in February to provide feedback on goals and potential actions
Our hope is to recognize, strengthen, and broaden the partnerships that VIU has developed while collaborating to set shared priorities for our work together.

We hope you will join the conversation.

The steering committee will review the consultation data in February prior to developing the goals for the plan. As with all VIU Foundation Plans, the Community Engagement Plan will go forward for consultation with President’s Council before approval by the Provost and Vice-President, Academic, and the Senior Management Team. It will also be provided for information to Senate and the VIU’s Board of Governors.