Internal Communications

Want to reach out to your VIU colleagues? Not sure how to do that? The Communications and Public Engagement Team is here to help.

In addition to external relations, we have a team dedicated to helping our employees communicate with each other about important initiatives, projects, activities and events at all campuses and locations.

Through a growing variety of communications channels, we:

  • Send out important messages and notices to all VIU employees.
  • Elicit feedback on institution-wide initiatives such as the VIU People Plan.
  • Work with subject matter experts to reach their required audiences.
  • Share the stories of incredible student development and employee successes we encounter everyday.
  • Publish our internal eNewsletter – VIU Voices.

List of services

If you are VIU employee, we can help you with the following:

  • Write an article targeting VIU employees.
  • Roll out an important initiative that affects some or all VIU employees.
  • Identify stakeholders and affected audiences.
  • Assist with messaging.
  • Develop videos for our internal audience.

Employee communications services:


Aly Winks, Internal Communications Specialist
Office Phone: 250.740.6529  |

  • Internal Communications Coordination
  • Interdepartmental Cooperation
  • Internal Announcements and Events
  • Issue Management
  • Human Resources / People Plan
  • Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Office
  • VIU Voices Editor