Strategic Marketing

What we do

The strategic marketing team focuses on positioning VIU as a first-choice university, supporting student recruitment, building brand awareness, managing the visual identity and supporting the vision and goals outlined in VIU’s Academic Plan.

We provide services related to these goals to the VIU community.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Branding advice and education
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing planning & implementation
  • Photography
  • Videography help and support
  • Social media help and education


What it costs

This is the best part, our services are entirely free.

That doesn’t mean there’s no cost to these activities, however. If you need a brochure created, the graphic design would be free but you’ll still need a budget for printing or any specialized photography and graphics that we can’t easily provide. If you need to promote your program, we can help with a marketing strategy but you’ll need to have funds to purchase ad space and cover any production costs. You get the idea.



If you’re not sure whether your project is something we’d help out with, ask us! We undertake all sorts of special projects and have a broad range of expertise. We’re here to share our insights and knowledge. Of course, time and resources are limited so when we’re busy we triage work based on the priorities listed above. Even if we can’t help you out directly we may be able to point you in a useful direction.


How to reach us

You can find us in building 310 room 140 — yep, all of us in one room — or contact any team member directly.


Help. On demand.

Need a copy of the logo? Want direction on how to make sure your next video project goes as smoothly as possible? Have a desire to understand how to get the right icon for your Instagram account?

We’ve got an ever growing collection of useful resources available to you at the click of a mouse or tap of the finger.