Week 4 (July 30-August 3)

  1. Get 4 team members to comment constructively on other teams’ pictures/energy savings in their areas. (From last week’s task)

    These members may do multiple tasks on one team, but cannot participate on more than one team. (i.e. team members are aligned to one leader only)

    The leader can be one of the 4. 

  2. Tell us how you will make your next meeting more ‘green’ using available services here on campus.

    Send your suggestions to Sustainability@viu.ca by Friday, August 3, 15:00. 

  3. Check on the ‘turn off your monitor’ group.  Follow up on how they are doing with their task and send us a synopsis. (A sentence or two is plenty.)  Send this synopsis to Sustainability@viu.ca by Friday, August 3, 15:00. (for this task, comments sent earlier than Monday, July 30 won't be counted)