Compostable items can be disposed of in washroom bins and marked bins in cafeterias. These bins are collected daily.

Some buildings have compost bins in kitchen areas/lunch rooms, and compost bins can also be found in meeting areas such as the Royal Arbutus Room and the Board Room. Look for them at your next event!


Acceptable items for compost include

  • food leftovers, plate scrapings
  • fruits and vegetables
  • meat, fish and poultry
  • bones
  • shellfish
  • soiled paper towels and napkins
  • used paper cups and plates
    • including Tim Horton's and Starbucks cups. Unsure? Tear the cup and look for plastic strands. If there are none, you're good to compost! :-)
  • dairy products
  • soiled wax paper
  • bread, pasta, baked goods
  • food-soiled cardboard and paper
  • tea bags, coffee grounds, filters
  • egg shells
  • wooden stir sticks
  • wooden chopsticks
  • cut and dried flowers
  • gum
  • compostable single-use cutlery from VIU Food Services
  • single-use take-away packaging from VIU Food Services (not the plastic containers)

Where does it go?

Bins are emptied daily and the compostable material is collected in larger bins beside B300. The material is then picked up by GFL Environmental and transported to a composting facility.