What can You do to help achieve the SDGs?

Educate yourself and others

Learning about the SDGs is easy! There are so many resources available online -- a good starting point is the UN Sustainable Development Goals Knowledge Platform. A great way to spread the word is to just talk about them. Try bringing them up in your lunchtime discussions!

Get Involved!

VIU has many initiatives and events that are working towards achieving the SDG's! Attending or even volunteering for one or more of these events is a terrific opportunity to become more involved. You will also meet some amazing and inspiring people that can help you on your journey to becoming more sustainable!

  • Stay up to date with campus happenings, and even if the event you are interested in doesn’t specifically mention the SDGs, challenge yourself to find a link – there's always a connection!

  • Want to build sustainability into your co-curricular record? Check out the opportunities with Sustainability at VIU! (Hint: use the search word sustainability in the opportunity directory search)
  • Are you a soon-to-be graduate or nearing the end of your time at VIU? Don’t worry! Many other organizations are deeply involved with the SDGs. Check out the BCCIC Movement Map to locate organizations across Canada that are all working on transforming our world.

Know more, do better

Now you know what the SDGs are and what their purpose is. We need to transform our world now to meet Agenda 2030. Don’t wait to take action! Change happens on all levels – globally, locally, and with each individual person.

Here are a few tips and resources to help you get started:

  • Know what your money is supporting! When you purchase new school supplies or clothes each semester, take a minute to consider what the products are made of and where they are sourced from. Are they sustainable? Could you find second-hand supplies instead? Do you really need it? Find brand guides for conscious consumers.
  • You’ve probably noticed the increasing availability of plant-based foods on the market. This is not just a fad! Meat consumption is a huge contributor to pollution and climate change. If you still need to be convinced, check out these documentaries:
  • How inclusive is your personal community? Learn to respect all kinds of people who may do things differently than you. Educate yourself on the cultural and natural heritage of where you live.
  • Some say education changes the world. Think about all the knowledge you've gained as a VIU community member – why not share it? Consider supporting charities that are working in education in the poorest parts of the world. You can even do something as simple as donate used textbooks to public libraries or schools in need! 
  • You know those course evaluations that you get in your email at the end of the semester? Use them! Provide your opinion on how the course you took is contributing to a better world.

Need more ideas?

170 daily actions to transform our world