Acceptable materials for recyclingUnacceptable items for recycling

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VIU now has single-stream recycling! 

One bin fits most -- from unbroken glass to paper, recyclable goods can go into one recycling bin.
*items should be clean and dry

Need some clarification? Check out these options below or email us at sustainability@viu.ca

Other Recyclables

Cans and bottles can go in any recycle bin. 

There are bins marked as drink containers only in the cafeteria and around campus. Cans and bottles in these bins are returned and the deposit collected. These funds are used by the Students' Union or go toward student-related activity.

If you're on the Nanaimo campus, these items can be taken to the small blue recycling bins in the Building 300 loading bay. Look for the signage on the wall above the bins.

There are battery collection boxes at --

  • Cowichan Campus
  • Nanaimo Campus (B300 Cafeteria)
  • VIU Student Housing

Safety First
Be sure to put your batteries in the bags provided at the recycling boxes
Cover the terminals of 9V batteries with heavy tape (electrical tape or duct tape) to avoid a potential fire hazard

Learn where batteries go when they're recycled

Pens, markers, and mechanical pencils can be recycled! (not traditional wooden pencils -- use those up!)

Collection boxes can be found around campus as well as 

  • Nanaimo Campus (bin in the B300 cafeteria)
  • VIU Student Housing
  • Cowichan Campus (Welcome desk)
  • No bin nearby? Take them to Staples. 

Learn more about Staples Writing Instrument Recycling program 

  • Single-use Pods -- don't trash them! 

    Have a Keurig or other single-use pod drink maker in your office area and need to dispose of the single-use cups?

    • Empty cup contents (grounds) into composting
    • Remove the lid and place in the trash
    • The clean and dry plastic cups can go in recycling