More Nanaimo Campus Commuting Tips 

Ride your bike

Bike Lockers

Secured, covered containers are available for bike storage and accessories. Rental is on a first-come first-serve basis (renewable yearly if space available). Please contact the Campus Store, Building 305 for more information on availability.

Pricing -- subject to change--please contact the Campus Store to verify

  • $75 per year (September to August 15)
  • $25 per semester (September to December) (January to April) (May to August)
  • $50 deposit on all rentals

Where to Park

Bike stands are provided near many buildings. Bike parking map  

Showers are available in B190, B250 (3rd and 4th floor), B255 (2nd floor), B356 (first floor), and B360 (washrooms facing Jardin des Quatorze)

You're encouraged to use high quality locks and to remove and take seats/helmets/other accessories with you. Bikes may not be taken into buildings or left locked up to the University building, to shrubs or trees, or fixtures (eg handrails, lamp posts, signage, etc).

Where to Ride

Nanaimo has lots of great bike routes that help make riding safe and scenic! Check out this link to help plan your route!

Nanaimo cycling routes

Take a bus

Public transit is a great way to get around Nanaimo. Let someone else do the driving while you listen to music, study, check emails, finish that last minute assignment...

Bus pass information -- *Students   *Staff

Transit maps -- ** Nanaimo, Parksville     ** Cowichan Valley 

Go by bike and bus! Most busses have bike racks so you can be driven to ride!  More here


Carpooling may be a good option for you! Even a day or two a week makes a difference. Who's in your neighbourhood that may like to share? 

Check out these tips for carpooling 

There are various services for carpools and rideshares in Nanaimo.


Walking is a great way to get to where you're going as well as an opportunity to take in amazing scenery, get to know your neighbourhood, unwind at the end of the day, get some outside time... So many good reasons! Live close? Try walking a day or two a week!

Nanaimo walking routes 


VIU is working to support affordable, efficient, equitable, and environmentally responsible ways to travel to, from, and within the University for students, employees, and community members. Check out what's happening with transportation at these links. 

VIU Mobility Taskforce Information 

2011 Transportation Demand Management Report


Updated August 2018