In September 2011, VIU Students' Union and VIU Administration signed the VIU Water Pledge eliminating the sale of bottled water on VIU campuses and sites by June 2012.

  Learn more about the VIU Water Pledge Initiative.


As of September 2017, close to 100,000** plastic water bottles were avoided because people like you refilled your own.
That's enough bottles, laid end to end, to go to Victoria and back.

**based on average bottle height of 8 inches (20.32 cm)

Need to fill your reusable bottle?

Water bottle filling stations/drinking fountains are installed at a variety of locations around campus. 

Building General location
110 inside workshop
120 main hallway
130 inside main space
164 in student kitchen
170 by washroom
180 (2) 1st and 4th floors
185 main level
190 (2) upper and lower floors
200 (2) 2nd and 3rd floors
205 (2) top and bottom floors
250 (2) 2nd and 3rd floors
255 first floor
300 main level at Welcome Centre/caf entrance
305 main level beside elevator (near Starbucks)
310 main floor (theatre area)
315 2nd floor
320 first floor
340 first floor
355 2nd floor
356 (2) 2nd and 3rd floors
360 3rd floor
370 (2) 1st and 2nd floors
373 2nd floor
380 first floor
395 2nd floor
459 2nd floor