Tips at a glance

There are lots of ways to be part of VIU’s community of conservation!

Small changes do make a difference. Try some (or all) of these:

  • Because we’re surrounded by it, we often take water for granted.  Be mindful of your water use and help us conserve every drop!
  • Drink tap water.  There are fill stations all over campus to fill your personal water bottle.
  • Use only the water you need. Turn the tap off when you’re not using the water running out of it! (e.g. brushing teeth, reaching for a paper towel, washing dishes).
  • Bring your own reusable container/utensils.  It cuts down on packaging waste and excess water use.
  • Increase meatless meals.  Meat production results in a great deal of methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes around 20 times more to trapping atmospheric heat than CO2.
  • Make local/seasonal choices whenever possible. VIU’s Food Services incorporate many local ingredients!
  • Keep the cold in!  Make a beverage/food choice before opening the cooler door. 
  • Turn off any light not in use.
  • Turn off any equipment not in use but leave computer towers on. They are programmed to go into ‘deep sleep’ and receive network updates.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Only use electric door openers if needed.
  • Take advantage of natural light and turn on as few lights as possible.
  • Learn about more electricity ideas.
  • Draw blinds at the end of the day to help prevent heat loss/heat gain through the windows.
  • Report any temperature spikes to Facilities (6500) to help them keep systems running efficiently.
  • Print only when necessary.
    From 2010 to 2017, VIU has decreased its paper consumption by nearly 40%  Nice!
  • Print double sided if you have to print at all.
  • Decrease margins and use smaller font where possible/appropriate.
  • Recycle paper.
  • Choose paper with recycled content for your office.
  • As much as possible, be self-propelled!
  • Ride your bike.  Bike racks and showers are available on most campuses.
  • Walk.
  • Take the bus.
  • Get to know your colleagues and/or classmates and carpool/rideshare whenever possible.
  • Learn more about VIU Transportation!
  • Reduce waste to start with!  Get in the habit of reusable containers, utensils, and bags.
  • Take what you need.  Take a look at this video about paper towel use.
  • Take a few extra steps to compost or recycle waste rather than putting it all in the bin destined for the landfill.
  • All washroom bins are for compostable materials.
  • Plastic or tin?  Rinse items, put them in separate bags, (one for plastic, one for tin) and place beside a central recycling bag.
  • Learn more about recycling/composting! 
  • Recycle your pens/mechanical pencils/markers!  Take end-of-life items to collection bins located at the Welcome Centre,  at student residence, or at Cowichan campus reception area.  You can also send them to Margot Croft Building 310, Room 130. Learn more about pen recycling!

Do you have other suggestions?

Send them to Sustainability@viu.ca