Turn it off!

Of all the electricity used at VIU, about 60% goes to lights and things that are plugged in.

The best way to use just the electricity needed is to turn off what's not needed!

<EXCEPT> Computer Towers (CPUs) <EXCEPT>
Do not turn off CPUs. VIU's computer network uses Verdiem--a software that puts towers into a low power mode but still allows necessary (and critical) updates to be made. This software has recently been introduced and is expected to help VIU with energy avoidance!

Turn off computer monitors
So easy! Just push the button.

Yes, monitors go into low power mode--but still draw a small amount of energy.

Big deal? Yes! Each monitor draws around 1-2 watts/hour of electricity in low power mode. Multiply that by about 2000 monitors x 8 hours (an estimate of time not in use) x 365 days. That adds up to lots of wasted energy!

Turn off/Unplug Equipment not being used
Yes, some things can't be turned off/unplugged--notably CPUs, phones, and some photocopiers--but look around and see what you CAN turn off/unplug. Label makers, chargers--pretty much anything that has an indicator light shining (and not in use) can be turned off/unplugged.

Turn off the lights
Even if they're on a sensor, check to see if there's a switch to turn off. As well, some lights are on a dimmer. Be sure the dimmer is turned OFF rather than just down at its lowest setting--again, even in the lowest setting, some energy is being used that doesn't need to be.

Make use of natural light
Is there enough light in your office area without the lights? Make use of any natural light in your office before switching on. Task lamps may also illuminate your area better than a bank of overhead lights being on all the time.

Use appliances well

Some areas have kettles. Boil what you need, not an entire container full. Other appliances? Be sure to turn them off (really, do you need the clock feature?).

Sustainability is EVERYONE's responsibility! So be the one to make a difference.

Other ideas to use electricity well? Send your suggestions to Sustainability@viu.ca!