Writing Instrument Recycling

Collected as of February 2017
about 69 kg (18 paper boxes full)

around 20,000 writing instruments

Did you know VIU ordered around 16,000 writing instruments in 2011? And that number doesn't include writing instruments at the bookstores, the ones used by students, or the ones you brought from home.

What happens to a pen, (marker, highlighter, whiteboard marker, felt pen, mechanical pencil ) when it's done? Most people throw it 'away.' An estimated 10 billion non-degradable plastic pens are tossed into landfills each year worldwide.

Thanks to you, Terracycle, and its partners, that number will change.

You can now bring your used writing instruments (pens, markers, highlighters, whiteboard markers, felt pens, mechanical pencils) to VIU for recycling and upcycling.

Terracycle will take all used writing instruments we send and recycle/upcycle them.

In Nanaimo, large collection bins are located

  • in the Welcome Centre
  • in front of the Campus Store
  • at student residence

There's also a bin at Cowichan Campus.

Lots of departments have set up their own.

Not on campus or near a collection bin? Send your used pens to Margot Croft (Building 305, Room 272) via interoffice mail.

Want a poster to put on your own collection box? Download Pen Recycling poster.