2019 Slow Couture Fashion Show

What is Slow Couture?

  • buying clothing with an understanding of its environmental and social impact
  • buying local
  • buying used
  • buying less
  • making clothing that lasts
  • the opposite of fast fashion! 

One way to make clothing last is by upcycling

We challenge you to do it!

Slow Couture Fashion Show

Thursday, September 26
Library Quad

  • Re-think and re-tool your tired threads into a new look
  • Mend, dye, embroider, augment, embellish, bedazzle (!?).... clothing that you'd either donate or that may even be destined for the landfill!
  • Come out and strut your stuff on the catwalk (or have a friend do it) on September 26
  • Judges are looking for interesting technique, creativity, styling, and sustainability
  • Stay tuned for prize details

Need a little inspiration/technical assistance?

Come by the Upcycle Workshops for some guidance:

September 12

Building 210, Room 220
9 - 11:30 am

September 16

Building 250, Room 110
1:30 - 3:30 pm

We can form a conscientious relationship with the clothes we wear. Slow Couture takes time and investment (of time, creativity...), but so do people and so does our planet.

Join us in celebrating a better future for fashion.

Register for the Slow Couture Fashion Show

(note that this is a Google form. If you prefer not to use Google forms, please email Sustainability@viu.ca and ask for a registration form )

Get informed and inspired at Slow Couture's on Facebook