2021 Sustainability Bingo

What do you know about sustainability at VIU? Play this bingo game and find out! 

Raising awareness of sustainability's multi-dimensionality, celebrating efforts and contributions toward sustainable development by the VIU community, and engaging/inspiring the VIU community in sustainable action is the goal of this game!

And -- you could win some nifty prizes!


We'll draw 10 completed cards (5 in a row) from entries received by September 24, 2021.

**If you fill in all the squares, you'll be entered in the draw for one of 3 grand prizes**

VIU Sustainability Bingo Card

A few tips

Map How To (for Where is your favourite forest place? Where is your favourite water place?)

  • Click the link to the map (a map of the world will come up)
  • Move the map to a specific area (e.g. Vancouver Island)
  • Zoom in using the + button on the map.
  • Add a marker to show your favourite water place or forest place
  • (Click the upside down water drop icon, then click on the map where you want the marker to be.)
  • You can add more detail about your favourite location if you like.

Adobe Acrobat How To

Bingo How To

  • Look for Fill and Sign on the right menu
  • Use the Arrow tool (top tool bar) to click for web links
  • Use the [Ab tool to type
  • Use the X tool to mark off squares you've completed
  • Use the sign tool to add your name to your completed sheet if you like

Save, take a screenshot, or print/scan then email to Sustainability@viu.ca