Energy Naughty to Nice

How to turn energy naughty to nice?

Use your magic touch!

Take a look around your VIU area. Are there any instances of energy ‘naughty’?

(lights that could be turned off, blinds that could be closed/opened, paper that could be recycled rather than binned, single-use items that could have been replaced by more permanent ones, monitors that could have been turned off at break/end of day that weren’t, stairs that could have been taken instead of the elevator….)


Show us how you use your magic touch to fix it!

  • Take a picture (or video) of you changing energy naughty to nice here at VIU
  • Post it to social media and tag with #VIUEnergyNice19 or mail it to Sustainability@viu.ca **
  • Your do-goodery will be noted, and you’ll be eligible for weekly prize draws, as well as be entered into a grand prize draw.
  • You can make more than one entry, but please show a different aspect of energy niceness
  • Weekly draws happen on December 6, 13, and 20.
  • Last day to submit entries is December 19, 2019. 

What could you win?

  • December 2-5 entries: you-decorate chocolate house (to be confirmed)
  • December 2-12 entries: tree leather lunch bag and reusable cutlery
  • December 2-19 entries: long hot-water bottle (to be confirmed)
  • December 2-20 entries: tea light LED lantern

Grand Prize draw 

  • January 7, 2020



**we'll be posting pictures to VIU Sustainability Facebook 

Don't want your picture posted there?

Let us know.