Sustainability Advisory Committee

"The Sustainability Advisory Committee provides advice and recommendations to the VIU Environment and Sustainability Office - on behalf of the university community - towards meeting VIU’s sustainability commitments as outlined in the approved VIU Sustainability Policy (2010).

The committee’s advice, recommendations, and actions are important to, among other things; reducing VIU’s environmental footprint; institutionalizing a sustainability ethic amongst students and employees; encouraging the incorporation of sustainability topics into curriculum in all areas of the university; and increasing and promoting VIU’s leadership role in advancing comprehensive environmental, social, economic and cultural sustainability best practices on our campuses and amongst the communities we serve."

Sustainability Advisory Committee Terms of Reference


3 regional campus/centre volunteers
3 Provost Council volunteers
3 Administration and Finance Council volunteers
2 student representatives appointed by the Students' Union
2 faculty members
1 representative from University Relations (Communications)
1 staff volunteer

Meeting Schedule

Guests are welcome and encouraged to be involved!

Let us know If you'd like to attend meetings so we can ensure you have a link to the virtual meeting. Email Sustainability@viu.ca 

Approved Notes